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The current luxury mobility scooter is far in the mobility scooter of history. Up to lately mobility scooters were low powered, badly engineered machines that looked as though they were designed for those who had abandoned any concept of style or elegance. Fortunately which has now altered, along with a new variety of Travelscoot Perth has showed up.


The posh mobility scooter is determined by three primary attributes: design quality and quality of ride.

Design quality is shown in 2 ways: aesthetically and ergonomically, and there’s no better illustration of design quality compared to scooters of imported in to the United kingdom by NHC and marketed underneath the Freerider brand. The top range Freerider scooter, the Royale, is among the finest mobility scooters currently available. Obtainable in both 3-4 wheel models the Royale is really a beautiful searching full-sized scooter.


The Royale’s design borrows heavily in the modern motor scooter, for example individuals created through the Italian firm Piaggio, featuring a stylish chevron motif that’s repeated through the fairing and lighting units.

The style of the Royale is not only about appearance though, with ergonomics clearly staying at the forefront front from the designers minds. The ride position around the Royale could be configured for optimum comfort, having a captain’s seat that shifts forefront and aft, along with a fully adjustable tilting tiller.


The Royale features among the greatest specs control panels seen on the mobility scooter by having an Liquid crystal display that showing speed, battery existence, mode and time.

A scooter that may rival the Freerider Royale may be the TGA Vita. A new comer to the marketplace in ‘09 the TGA Vita has already been developing a buzz among consumers and commentators. There are lots of similarities between your Freerider Royale and also the TGA Vita (in design and make quality), however these are often described: they’re produced by exactly the same company.


Both Vita and also the Royale are produced in Taiwan by Heartway Medical Products Limited. Heartway happen to be manufacturer mobility aids since 1995 and also have brought the means by raising standards and expectations within the mobility market.

The Breeze is among the most widely used luxury scooters within the United kingdom and it has created a loyal consumer base because of it’s excellent quality (supported by a 3 year warranty generally) and go anywhere abilities. It’s unsurprising the Breeze is definitely an accomplished off roader considering it’s in the same manufacturer because the legendary TGA Supersport.


Luxury isn’t entirely restricted to the durable finish from the mobility scooter market. The grade of folding scooters continues to be elevated by Electric Mobility’s Liteway range. The top range Liteway 8 scooters features an aluminum chassis and lightweight weight alloy wheels with pneumatic tires allowing Electric Mobility to make a fully collapsible, full featured eight mile an hour or so scooter having a heaviest bit of only 18kg or 41 pounds.

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